Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pastor Brian S Carn and Raven Symone Relationship


According to gossip rag Media Takeout, Pastor Brian S Carn proposed to his girlfriend Raven Symone. He didn't go cheap either. He bought his sweet princess a 20-carat engagement ring that she is allegedly wearing on her right hand. Don't get excited though. Sources say she hasn't said "yes." Raven Symone (the older one in the relationship) is still thinking about her lover's proposal. She wants to be sure that marriage is the right move now for both of them.


Initially, the rumor stating Pastor Brian S Carn and Actress Raven Symone being a couple sounded like a well-crafted "publicity stunt." After all, Pastor was being accused of having sex with his 28-year-old Baby mother who was sentence last year for killing her boss Linda Stein. It was scandalous and all over the net. Then, suddenly, it seemed to go away and he and Raven Symone were holding hands.

Although the two swear their only friends, Pastor Brian S Carn and Raven Symone are inseparable. They're vacationing together. They are going to dinner. And, they're throwing each other birthday parties. It's all very couple-ish. If the relationship actually began as a "publicity stunt", it's now bloomed into real life love.


Without an official announcement, no one really knows the truth. Sadly, neither Raven Symone, nor Pastor Brian S Carn  has come forth to talk about their relationship. They're taking a page out of the book that many Hollywood couples read. The one that tells them to keep their private life as private as possible. So the world will have to wait for an "incident" or "event" to reveal the truth.


  1. Good move! And why should they bare it all for hounding eyes! If you guys are together and happy, well then, God Bless You both. raven symone weight

    1. lolz its rumors ?

  2. I thought she "came out" as gay a few years ago?

  3. Glad you guy are together we all need love go on get married have lots of baby at lease one and be blessed thanks for listen.Abdul Copkney